Images take on new meaning when they are given a context. We think puzzles need a story.

 When I was a young man I rented a room in a Victorian mansion in Seattle owned by ninety-year-old man who decorated the place with his paintings. He wasn’t a very skilled painter, but when he told you about the pictures (and sometimes about the old paintings he covered up when he painted over ones he bought for the canvas) they came alive. I often think if him recapturing his youth (“that guy in the red hat on the wagon is my little brother”) at the easel he had set up in the basement of the house he grew up in.

 Here at Hennessy Puzzles we’re not artists. We use images by talented artists (and never cover up other people’s art to save money). We know challenging and fun puzzles can be produced using dull colors. We prefer bright colors. We like our puzzles. We hope you do too.

 We started the story for each of our puzzles. We would love to hear not only reviews of our puzzles, but also stories about doing them, or stories about doing other puzzles. Heck, we are suckers for stories about almost anything.

 We know we are asking a lot. We know how valuable stories are, and we aren’t offering anything but the opportunity to share them. We’ll make up the stories if we need to, but we’d prefer to use yours. If you have ideas for future puzzles we’d like to hear them too. Who knows?

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