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Really? We cut stuff up just so our customers can put it back together? Back in 2014, after careers in print publishing Emily and I started Hennessy Puzzles with four puzzles. After shopping around we found out there are only a few places in North America where 1000 piece puzzles can be manufactured who had the quality control to get all the pieces in the bag very nearly every single time.

My daughter suggested the tagline "because business IS personal'. We try to live up to that motto. We honestly feel bad when you are disappointed (well not all the time, but usually). 

We want to produce popular puzzles that will sell well by choosing puzzles that we like and hope other people will like them too. We've found that while we aren't always right about what will be best sellers, at least we like them. It's like children. You love them all for different reasons. Naturally we hope you will like them too.

We're always happy to hear from real people. Our increasingly digital online world doesn't make that as common as we would like. If you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


We want to be a socially responsible company. We have had the opportunity to donate puzzles to various schools and organizations. Our African Animals Puzzle was done in coordination with the Zimbabwe Artists project (now disbanded)  We would like to do more of these kind of projects.

John Hennessy