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Mid Century Modern Bragging

 "My first reaction when I saw the pieces is that there are some weird shapes and that it would take me days to put it together. I became obsessed with it and made it by myself in two nights! I've made puzzles with less pieces that took me days to finish, so maybe this one was a little easy for me, but I had a lot of fun. The pieces are sturdy and stay together nicely. It's really frustrating when you have a few pieced together and go to move them into place and they fall apart. I love the pictures and don't want to take it apart just yet. It came with a separate picture to use instead of the box, the only problem is that the left edge is cutoff, so I was a little confused until I looked at the box. I would purchase another puzzle from this brand, most likely the Vintage Retro Trailers."

"Just finished this, my second Hennessy Puzzle. What a fun challenge! Love the bright colors. As always, looking for a certain puzzle piece I become convinced that it must be missing - and, of course, it's ME that is just 'missing' it, usually finding it as I start working on another section but sometimes not till the final pieces are put in place. The puzzle pieces are sturdy, and there's enough variation in the shades and textures to provide clues to where a particular piece fits. Some of the pieces are very imaginatively shaped, so they may form only one part of that open spot with a standard shape. Really challenging, which makes solving it all that more satisfying."

"I haven't bought a puzzle in years, but this one is hands-down the best one I've ever assembled. Not only are the odd-shaped pieces fun, the artwork never gets boring because the artist has been meticulous in keeping the textures just different enough between scenes that it's easy to tell when you're trying to put a piece in the wrong section altogether. Very addictive and enjoyable; we put it together over the course of the first four days we had it. I'll definitely be looking at Hennessy puzzles and this artist for my next puzzle purchase."

"This was a fun puzzle to complete. The design was interesting and the very unusual shaped pieces definitely added to the challenge. We rarely do the same puzzle twice, but I can definitely see this one coming up again in the rotation. Checking out what other designs they have."