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Jigsaw Puzzle Season
The first jigsaw puzzles our kids ever did were with a whole gang of their cousins at Popsie's cabin on rainy summer days, when spending the afternoon at the lake wasn't as appealing as it usually was. We have friends who do most of their puzzling in the winter, when the days are short and the weather is, well, the way the weather has been lately. (A friend in Michigan sent a photo of the ice on the handle INSIDE her front door.) And some of us have a puzzle going at all times, just because that's the way we like it. All of which is to say that it's always puzzle season somewhere -- a fact that we here at Hennessy Puzzles appreciate more than most!

The more of our puzzles that we sell, the more we can give. We're a small company, so we can't change the world, but we're committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations working to improve local communities. Visit our Fundraising/Gifts page to find out about where the donations you're making possible are going.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. The best part of this business is interacting with our customers, so feel free to contact us any time.

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