Thorn's Puzzle Picking Advice


 I have decided to try to impress a girl by getting her a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. I’m trying to decide which one to get. I was thinking that American Musclecar Red White and Blue Puzzle looks like fun.



 Dear Bob,

 What are you nuts? That Musclecar Puzzle is really hard. If she drives a GTO and is a jigsaw puzzle maniac you may have some chance. Otherwise try to act sophisticated with the Mid Century or Vintage Trailers, or play it safe with the African Animals.



 I’m going to the mountains with some people I don’t know very well. It may be a lot of fun, but it might be awkward. Any suggestions?


Mary (not my real name)

 AKA Mary,

 Stay away from the map puzzles. People who know the territory have an advantage and if you have one of those obnoxious people who can turn anything into a competition. They will either be too happy or too unhappy. It only takes one person like that to ruin the whole weekend. Then again, if you’re that person….

 Thorn (my real name)








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