Four New Puzzles

In the short time we have been in business we have learned there is one thing we can depend on. We can never predict which of our puzzles will be wild successes, and which will be relative duds. Will the Mid Century Chrismas be as popular as the other Mid Century puzzles? Will they really cool Retro Space Travelers go viral? Can the Retro Comic Book Covers collage do as well as other collage puzzles? The Vintage Hawaii seems like a slam dunk, but who knows?  We can't even figure out why one will be popular for a while, take some time off, then become a best seller again.

In a way it makes it easier for us to choose what to produce... We manufacture puzzles we like, because the only thing we know for certain is that no matter how popular or ignored a Hennessy Puzzle is, we will have to look at a lot of them over the years...and our friends may have to get them for presents.

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