Hennessy Puzzles - About Us

Welcome to the Digital Home of Hennessy Puzzles
We produce 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles on high quality 70pt. Blue chipboard right here in the U.S.A with hand made puzzles dies for uniquely shaped pieces and minimal puzzle dust.
We choose bright, unconventional images that celebrate causes, artists, and discovery. Because of their interest to unique demographics they have proven to be popular with both the serious puzzler and occasional puzzler assembler interested in affordable old-fashioned family fun. Grandparents and tech wizards share the puzzle table whether its in a dorm room or at the family cabin. For generations people have been enjoying puzzles, either alone almost as a form of meditation, or as a group activity that draws people together providing a time and space to connect without pressure. We pick our images to help get the conversation going.
EMAIL.    john@hennessypuzzles.com