California 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Everything America Is Only More So

Did you first see California when you got off the train from Minnesota in November of 1942 and smelled orange blossoms? Was it through the window a rusty Karmann Ghia with the Grateful Dead playing on the radio? Or were you born at the beach after generations of your ancestors marched west? It doesn’t take long to become a native Californian, but your pretty much need to have a car. You can get away with not knowing where Coalinga or maybe even Fremont are, but you better have at least a general idea of where Fresno is. We surrounded our California Map with lots of pretty pictures so that even if your geography skills are limited and you haven’t had a car overheat in King City you will enjoy putting it together. We limited our images to things you can find in California, but that wasn’t much of a limit.