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Free shipping with three orders or use Amazon Prime at checkout
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California Bragging

This puzzle was hand drawn, so the puzzle pieces are all sorts of unusual shapes and sizes. All the unusual pieces added interest to the puzzle. The design was a fun map of California with lots of great pictures around the edges of the map shape, plus some on the map itself. It was challenging and fun to work. The quality of the puzzle was great and the pieces fit well when placed in the puzzle.

This one of my very favorite puzzles ever, and I do a lot of them. It was very well made with a great set of pictures. It also was difficult but not ridiculously so. The pieces are cut in interesting shapes that are not used by other companies. I immediately ordered three more puzzles from the same company.

Having been born in California and having lived in northern and southern California, I thought I would enjoy this puzzle.
and I did, it went together very quickly ( knowing where most of the cities went).Jigsaw puzzles are one of my habits and the quality and value of this puzzle was great. When I finished this puzzle I loaned it to a friend and she enjoyed it was well.

This is a high quality puzzle and the individual pieces have interesting shapes. The ample size is great, too: 19.25 inches by 26.75 inches, which makes it easier to identify the cities, freeways and other unique details. A big plus: it's made in the USA!! I enjoyed taking my time working on this puzzle and it was fun seeing parts of the adjoining states. Being from San Diego, living here still and with a lifetime of traveling throughout California really added a special touch of nostalgia for me.