Classic Mustang 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A Sports Car With a Backseat

 On April 17th 1964 Ford introduced the Ford Mustang to the world. America was shooting for the moon while most citizens were driving around in cars that were outfitted like living rooms. Ford replaced the front and back couches with bucket seats in the front and child sized seats in the back. The sporty design was aimed at buyers who actually liked to drive. Priced so regular people could afford it (a Chicago schoolteacher purchased the first Mustang ever sold), more Mustangs sold its first year than any car in history.

 With millions of Mustangs on the road and grandchildren of original owners buying new Mustangs, we thought it was time for a Vintage Mustang jigsaw puzzle. We teamed with Diego H again to draw cars and pick backgrounds. That vintage Mustang you want might be worth more than you can afford now, but you have a chance to participate in history. Help make the launch of our new 1000 piece officially licensed Mustang puzzle the most successful jigsaw puzzle launch ever.