Los Angeles Map 1000 Piece Jigsaw

Anybody Know Where Southgate Is?

Most of the Map series of Hennessy Puzzles have lots of illustration to go with the map. The Los Angeles map is a lot of map and a little illustration. We wanted to test our customers. A friend who moved here from Vermont back when the Thomas Guide still ruled was delighted that long time residents always carried a Thomas Guide, suggesting that nobody knew where all the cities were and that in L.A. things changed faster anyone could keep up with. Back home in Vermont only tourists needed a map. Now that we depend more and more on electronic navigation systems it’s pretty easy to get when you want to go, but difficult to know where you are. Which direction should you look for the Griffith Park Observatory when standing on the bluffs in Baldwin Hills? We don’t expect anyone to carry our 1000 piece LA jigsaw with them in the car (thought there would be times in traffic when it would be a good distraction), we like the idea of you finally knowing where Lawndale is. Enjoy.