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Vintage Trailer Bragging

If Bragging Needs to be done let someone else do it...never do it for yourself

This is one of the best puzzles I have done this year. The pieces are thick and durable. Hennessy makes great unique puzzle images. The size and shape was nice, odd-shaped but not too tiny or impossible. I had several friends who wanted to purchase this puzzle from me after I completed it because they admired it so much. I hope this company will continue making additional puzzles.

We loved doing this puzzle. It was challenging without being frustrating. The pieces fit together smoothly. It is made in America and it included a small poster so one person could look at the picture on the box and the other person could look at the poster while working the puzzle. We enjoyed the theme of this puzzle.

Liked this puzzle very much. Love the colors and pictures of the retro trailers. The pieces fit together well and I especially liked the small poster that was included, that way I could use both sides of the box for sorting. I liked the ten little pictures so I could work on one at a time so it felt like more progress.

This is a very satisfying puzzle. The colors and details really make it fun to watch the images appear. It's big enough so you feel you are getting a lot of puzzle for your money, but not so big that there's no place to put it. The shapes of those thousand little pieces are remarkably varied. The pieces fit together well, without being obvious. They give you a picture in addition to the one on the box. I found it very convenient to have the lid freed up for sorting.