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"Doing jigsaws doesn't build character, it reveals character"

(what John Wooden would have said if he was famous for doing jigsaws)

Welcome to Hennessy Puzzles, a tiny subdivision of a small family run publishing empire. For a couple decades we have been in the map business, publishing recreational maps (KYM GUIDES) for the Western United States. As our responsibilities grew we had a less time to travel the world researching maps and more time at home doing things like jigsaw puzzles.

Hennessy Communications has looked like a confusion of jobs, addresses, pets, kids, relatives, and homework assignments, but, with some concentration, patterns emerge. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. These first three Hennessy puzzles are based on maps. We originally planned to use KymGuides as basemaps but they needed so much illustration to make a good puzzle that it was easier to start from scratch. We wanted beautiful images and accurate maps. We shy away from the word “educational” to avoid scaring the children, but we assume you will appreciate knowing where Coalinga, California, Winslow, Arizona, Arlington Ave, Los Angeles after finishing our maps puzzles.

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